Private Tours

Diamante provides the option for private/personalized tours in the park with our bilingual tour guides. If you would like to receive an exclusive tour of Diamante you will need to contact us for a reservation at, prior to your arrival in order to ensure availability of a guide.

During this special tour you will have the opportunity to explore our different nature and wildlife experiences, as well as learn about the animals, flora, and fauna of Costa Rica from our knowledgeable guides. They will accompany you at all times during your tour, sharing important educational information about the area, answering your questions, and of course providing interesting facts and information about Diamante.

Private guides will charge hourly with a maximum of 10 guests per group.


  • Send us an e-mail requesting your private guide with all the specifications related your group size, tour date, and desired timing to:

  • You will receive our quotation based on your request, accompanied by our credit card authorization form.
  • Please fill out the CC authorization form and send it back to us. We will then run your card for the full amount of the guided tour.
  • Your group is all set. Come enjoy!"