Diamante Eco Adventure Park is the preferred and internationally recognized Eco Adventure Park in Costa Rica. It achieves this recognition by insisting on the highest standards of quality and integrity. We deliver high quality, safe, non-intrusive nature-based tours with an emphasis on adventure, education and protection. We are firm believers that parks and outdoor spaces are here for people to experience.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers the best equipment in its class and sets the standard for quality aerial adventure products and guest experience. Our trained guides give each guest a safety demonstration before beginning the course. We want all of our guests to have the most enjoyable experience imaginable, and that means providing you with the security of expertly engineered structures, quality materials and construction, along with continuous inspection of our equipment.

Safety is our first priority.

Victor Gallo, Founder and owner of Adventure Playground has been based in Costa Rica since 2003 and has designed both Diamante’s ZipLine and Aerial Park. He has designed and built 26 projects in forest environments including canopy tours, challenge courses, ZipLines and canyoneering tours. These projects have been built in places like Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Hawaii.

Victor has been chairman of the Canopy/Zip line Tour Committee of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) since 2010. The main task of this Committee has been the development of safety and technical standards for the industry with the latest standards book published in 2012. He is also an ACCT certified Inspector.

Victor is a founding member of AOA (Adventure Outfitter’s Association) and is currently involved in the commission of rules and norms for adventure tourism that will be instated by the Costa Rican Ministry of Health.

Park Policies