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About Us

Learn more about our company & its mission!

Who We Are

Rated #1 on Trip Advisor, Diamante Eco Adventure Park is conveniently located and is the only oceanfront adventure park offering unique experiences in Costa Rica. Diamante is known for its exciting Zip Line course featuring the longest dual action zip line in the country and is home to a renowned Animal Sanctuary and one of the most beautiful Wildlife Education Centers in Costa Rica.

Diamante’s Zip Line course is a ‘must do’ experience offering the longest ride times and featuring a nearly mile-long ocean view line Superman-style, a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump and a hanging bridge over crocodiles.

Constructed to meet ACCT standards, Diamante’s Zip Line is designed and engineered for the ultimate fun and safe experience. Diamante uses state-of-the-art carbon lines, and an automatic braking system so guests can relax and enjoy. The Low Ropes course is suitable for guests of all ages and challenges you with suspended balance and climbing obstacles.

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Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is home to a large variety of Costa Rican animals. Diamante works directly with professionals in biology and veterinary medicine and under the legal supervision by officials of the SINAC, the government entity in charge of the country’s wildlife. Known for its world-class habitat designs, and excellent bi-lingual customer service, Diamante is committed to furthering education and raising awareness among visitors and locals about the importance of respect and the protection of wildlife.

Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is home to frogs, snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, many species of birds, including toucans, a butterfly observatory, a sloth habitat and a variety of cats including pumas and jaguars.

Diamante’s cultural experience is located in the Botanical Garden. The garden’s shaded pathways surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and plants lead guests to a “Traditional House”, a typical farmhouse common in the area 100 years ago. A guide offers a unique “hands-on” cultural experience with coffee, chocolate and sugar cane.

Horseback Riding and ATV Tours are favorite activities available to guests and at Diamante there are over a hundred acres to explore safely while never leaving the property.

Diamante’s oceanfront location is home to “Hammock Beach”. The ideal spot to continue with activities such as stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling and kayaking or relax oceanfront in the hanging chairs and hammocks.

Diamante offers 3 locations for food & beverage. The Welcome Center’s ocean view restaurant offers a highly rated Costa Rican buffet. The Adventure Center Bar and Grill, offers burgers, hot dogs and a variety of drinks. El Patio bar located by the Sloth Courtyard offers cold drinks, smoothies, Daiquiris, and snacks.

Come share and enjoy the Diamante Experience, Costa Rica’s “must do” adventure!

Safety is Our First Prioirity

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is recognized internationally for the highest standards of design, construction, and professionally trained team. We deliver high quality, safe, and non-intrusive nature-based tours with an emphasis on adventure, education, and protection.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers the best equipment in its class and sets the standard for quality adventure activities and guest experiences. Our trained guides give each guest a safety talk before beginning the Superman canopy zip line course. We want all guests to enjoy the park, and that means providing you with the security of expertly engineered structures, quality materials, and construction, along with continuous inspection of our equipment.

Diamante’s attention to safety and quality controls extend throughout the park and is reflected in all activities we offer. Daily our safety protocols and procedures are monitored whether you are engaged in Horseback Riding, ATV’s or walking through our Animal Sanctuary you will encounter a dedicated and trained staff that cares about your safety and experience.

Costa Rica Adventure Park – Diamante Eco Adventure ParkSuperman Canopy Zip LineDiamante Adventure Park – Superman Zip LineDiamante Eco Adventure ParkCosta Rica Adventure Park

The Environment

At Diamante Eco Adventure Park, we believe in keeping our shared land clean for you, our guests and equally importantly for nature. We designed and built Diamante to have a low impact on the land.

We are committed to the high standard of guest satisfaction and respect for the environment. Litter containers and recycle bins are carefully and generously placed around the property to encourage everyone to help us keep Costa Rica clean.

What is Eco-Tourism?

Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

As a sustainable oceanfront business, we focus on the protection of the natural environment at all stages; design, construction and operations. Our business is focused on the long-term health of the environment, both land and sea, and we respect our natural playground.

We use the best possible practice to have the least impact on the environment.

  • Courses and pathways are sited in areas with a low abundance of native shrubs and groundcovers.
  • The quality and colors of materials are chosen to integrate into the natural surroundings.
  • Interpretive signage encourages a better understanding and knowledge of the land, animals and sea, therefore enhancing the protection and development of this environment.
A woman planting a tree in the forest
A group of people planting trees in the forest

Park Policies

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is all about adventure. Diamante was designed from the ground up with everyone in mind. Our unique oceanfront location is convenient for all tourists and the perfect home for our state-of-the-art, safe, and exciting Costa Rica adventure experiences.

It is important to our team that every guest enjoys everything Diamante has to offer.

General Conduct

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our guests. Diamante reserves the right to restrict admission or refuse service and usage of the park activities to anyone at anytime that presents a safety risk or violates park policies.

We expect guests to behave appropriately. Guests must obey all posted signs and instructions. Diamante Eco Adventure Park staff and management reserve the right to refuse service and usage of all park activities at any time. Violating our park policies may be cause for immediate removal from the park without a refund.


Advanced reservations are highly recommended, however we are always happy to accept last-minute reservations and have plenty of activities for all ages.


Cancellations under 24 hours and no shows will be invoiced. All cancellations must be in writing by emailing Diamante’s reservations department. Reservation dates may be changed free of charge, based on availability.


We provide a free shuttle between the RIU hotel and Diamante. For an additional cost, a variety of Land and Water Transportation is also available to and from Diamante, reservation required.


Personal guides are available for $45 per hour. Reservations required. Tour operator guides may accompany your clients for no additional charge for Diamante Discovery, Aerial, and Adventure Passes only. Guides will be given a free lunch to enjoy with their clients.


Guanacaste has a dry and a rainy season. In the event of inclement weather, activities may be delayed or rescheduled. No refunds due to weather.