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Combine the Animal Sanctuary and the Cultural tour to experience the real Costa Rica.

Experience Culture & Nature in Costa Rica

The Traditional House tour and our hands-on experiences with sugar cane, coffee and chocolate are the perfect backdrops for understanding life in Costa Rica. The Sanctuary will further your understanding of the types of animals that are common in Costa Rica. Engage our bilingual staff as you explore and they will point out the exceptional beauty that exist among the flora and fauna.


Discovery Pass:
Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is one of the finest Wildlife Education Centers in Costa Rica. Lush gardens surround the shaded walking trails and offer guests the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica. Diamante is home to a large variety of Costa Rican animals that are in need. Some of the animals in our care have been born in other wildlife management programs for scientific and educational purposes; others are rescued and placed in our management by the authorities of Costa Rica. These animals are not fit for life in the natural environment and are cared for by a large team of qualified and dedicated professionals.

Diamante is known for its world-class habitat designs that address the needs of each species. The unique design of the habitats allows guests to view and learn about key aspects of biology, ecology and natural history of the animals. Diamante’s bi-lingual team is known for excellent customer service and focus on education and raising awareness among visitors and locals about the importance of respect and the protection of wildlife. Diamante works directly with a body of professionals in biology and veterinary medicine and with technical and legal supervision by officials of the SINAC, which is the government entity in charge of the country’s wildlife.

Diamante Cultural Experience:

Take a step back in time at our Traditional Costa Rican farmhouse, commonly referred to as a “Casita” at our Botanical Garden. This historic farmhouse replicates the true design, style, and materials used by the average Costa Rican farmer for over a hundred years. This traditional house offers a history tour and cultural insight into the lives of rural Costa Ricans. You will have the opportunity to learn how these rural farmers produced coffee, chocolate, and sugar extracting them from the cacao tree, coffee plants, and sugarcane. Guests will enjoy time with our staff as they show you dozens of flora and fauna and share with you various experiences that can include:

Cacao: Guests will have the opportunity to see cacao plants as well as learn about the origin and history of Cacao. Guests will be educated on the process of drying and grinding the seeds and have the opportunity to make chocolate.

Coffee: It’s no secret that Costa Rica is famous for its coffee. Coffee has played a significant social, economic and even political role for the country. Diamante’s organic coffee plants are vibrant, healthy and uniquely found in Guanacaste.

Sugarcane: Along the walking trails in the Botanical Gardens you’ll see our organic sugarcane crop. Our staff will teach you all about sugarcane agriculture in Costa Rica and share in one of the country’s most precious traditions. Guests will use the sugarcane press to make your very own sweet water “Agua Dulce”.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

In USA and CANADA call us TOLL FREE: 1-800 464 5554 | In COSTA RICA call: (506) 2105-5200

Have a question or need a custom quote?

In USA and CANADA call us TOLL FREE: 1-800 464 5554 | In COSTA RICA call: (506) 2105-5200


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