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Archive: Jun 2016

Where to Stay in Costa Rica for Adventure

zip line costa rica

Costa Rica Adventure Hot Spots

if you are looking for adventure and make the most of your visit to Costa Rica (with activities like zip line, surfing, diving, hiking, etc.) definitely Guanacaste is ideal for your holiday.

Wildlife in Guanacaste Costa Rica

best ziplining in costa rica

Guanacaste Wildlife – Costa Rica Jaguars, Sloths, Toucans and more

If there is one thing that makes Costa Rica stand out, it’s the huge efforts made to maintain biodiversity in their regions: over 25% of their territories are national parks, natural reserves and animal sanctuary sites like ours in Diamante Eco Adventure Park.

Eco Tourism Destinations in Costa Rica

Where to stay in Costa Rica for adventure

Guanacaste, Costa Rica – The Ideal Eco Tourism Destination

Being part of a pioneer country in these matters, and of the few nations with ‘true’ eco-tourism, Guanacaste has a long list of places you can visit and enjoy in the responsible tourism frame. It includes national parks, biological and wildlife reserves, animal sanctuary among others.

Best Zipline in Costa Rica

Costa Rica National Parks

ipExperience the Best Costa Rica Zipline Named After Superman!

You want to enjoy for the best Costa Rica Zipline ?? You want dual adventure feeling the wind and the adrenaline in the longest and best ziplining ?? We have that and more !!