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Animals of Diamante Series: Keel-billed Sam the Toucan


Sam the Toucan.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is a forever home to many species of animals. As an animal sanctuary, we strive to keep our wildlife family safe and in the best habitats. Adaptation is one of the most crucial aspects of their life here. Therefore each species habitat is design to replicate their natural environment and promote natural behaviors. You will rarely see an animal by its own, unless it is a trait character. The only animal to break this rule is Sam our keel billed toucan. This is Sam’s story:

Life before Diamante

Sam, as many other toucans, was sold as a pet and raised as one. The Wildlife Ministry (MINAE) confiscated Sam from his previous owner and located it in a refugee. Killed beel toucans are very sociable creatures, and rarely seen on their own but with Sam we had to do an exception.

Sam spends most of his time hopping between tree branches

Life in Diamante

When Sam arrived to Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary we notice a few things: First, Sam’s tail feathers were bent and broken. Second, he was coming on his own and third, he was depressed. Sam’s ability to fly was compromised because of the lack of feathers, meaning he can fly but he can’t gain altitude quickly. We couldn’t introduce him into the toucan habitat were the other species where higher in numbers. As Sam is the only keel billed toucan we have, putting him with Bob and Dylan (chestnut mandibles) and Marley, Nesta, Rita and Ziggy (collared Aracari) was going to be a massacre. Toucans can be aggressive towards other species of toucans if they are on their own.

Keel-billed toucans are also known by the name Rainbow-billed because of their colorful beaks

VIP Treatment

As safety is always first when it comes to our wildlife family, it was decided to build him a special habitat. Given his disability, you can find his habitat full of tree branches which Sam uses to hop around. Also it helps him fly short distances without him worrying if he is going to make it or not. Sam is separated from the other toucans but still gets a lot of tender, love and care. He even gets his own bowl of food and the best part is: he doesn’t have to share!