Consejos para el tour de Santuario de Animales

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Costa Rica es un país abundante en flora y fauna, conteniendo el 5% de la biodiversidad del mundo. Visitantes de todo el mundo viene a Costa Rica con el propósito de ver una gran abundancia de animales en la naturaleza. Las mejores opciones para ver vida silvestre son visitando un parque nacional o un santuario…

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Tips for the Animal Sanctuary tour

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Costa Rica is a country rich in wildlife and flora, containing 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Visitors from all over come to Costa Rica with the intent of catching a glimpse of their favorite animal in the wild. A great way to get to see wildlife is visiting a national park or an animal sanctuary….

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Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary: Meet our sloths

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The Animal Sanctuary is home to three beautiful, slow-moving, two-toed sloths. All of them have been rescued by the Wildlife Ministry of Costa Rica and put in our care. Two-toed sloths are native to the Guanacaste area but these three were rescued outside of the province. Sloths are very delicate creatures due to their slow metabolism, so nursing them back to health is a challenge in itself.

Due to more media awareness, many people became fascinated with sloths and International Sloth Day was created. This special day was designed to raise awareness about the sloth life cycle and natural habitat as well as, educate people about this loveable animal.

The following are stories about our resident sloths:

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Wildlife Animal Sanctuary

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If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica to see wildlife, you are in the correct path! Each region of the country has an impressive variety of flora and fauna. So you can expect to see wildlife no matter where you are. Costa Rica currently has 32 national parks, 51 wildlife refuges, 13 forests reserves and 8 biological reserves. With these numbers very present within the population, there is a high concern for conservation efforts.

The biggest threat to wildlife is the rapidly growing human population. Also the extraction of flora and fauna from their habitats. To counteract the negative impact on wildlife Costa Rica passed the Wildlife Conservation Law. In short and easy terms, the law mandates that you do not remove any plant life nor engage with any wild animal by feeding or removing them from their habitat. In fact many rescue centers and sanctuaries emerged from the need to rescue and rehabilitate harmed animals that were victims of wildlife trafficking.

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Five Star Blue Flag Program


Ecological Blue Flag Program

Costa Rica is a beach lover’s paradise. With over 750 miles of sun kissed sand and shimmering waves it is no wonder that Costa Rican beaches are a must do. Diamante Eco Adventure Park is located in Matapalo Beach, Guanacaste and makes for an amazing water experience. With so many visitors at our beaches, how do we keep them lush? Well Costa Rica is a pioneer in Eco-Tourism and it created the Blue Flag Program. Matapalo Beach is part of this program and has been awarded the 5 Star Blue Flag – an honor only few other beaches attained in 2016. So what is this Blue Flag Program and why should you be aware about it?

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: World Tourism Day – Sustainable Tourism

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Costa Rica is worldwide known for its biological biodiversity, breath taking scenery and being the happiest country on Earth. With nearly perfect weather year round it makes Costa Rica one of the top places to vacation. As a result Tourism is Costa Rica’s top economic income, even over international export of bananas and coffee. So in lieu of World Tourism Day lurking around the corner Diamante Eco Adventure Park would like to bring forward the theme for this year: Sustainable Tourism.


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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Costa Rica Vacation Tips 101

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Guanacaste Vacation Tips 101

Getting your plans and schedule ready for your  Costa Rica vacation might be a little overwhelming. The first thing we notice when doing our own research is that many of the tips are given by travelers and not locals. Second, many of the web pages are foreign and tips change depending on the area of Costa Rica that you are visiting. So for the ones visiting the Guanacaste area, we here at Diamante Adventure Park are going to give you our local tips! Ready for our Costa Rica Vacation Tips?

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Animals of Diamante Series: Keel-billed Sam the Toucan

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Sam the Toucan.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is a forever home to many species of animals. As an animal sanctuary, we strive to keep our wildlife family safe and in the best habitats. Adaptation is one of the most crucial aspects of their life here. Therefore each species habitat is design to replicate their natural environment and promote natural behaviors. You will rarely see an animal by its own, unless it is a trait character. The only animal to break this rule is Sam our keel billed toucan. This is Sam’s story:

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Making Costa Rica Home

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Costa Rica: the happiest country on earth

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is located in Playa Matapalo, Guanacaste. Only 30 minutes away from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia and three hours and thirty minutes away from the capital city, San Jose. Diamante Adventure Park has been calling Costa Rica home for the last two years. So what makes Costa Rica the perfect home for us?

Playa Matapalo, Guanacaste

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Diamante Animal Sanctuary: It’s an unFROGettable experience

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Ranarium: From water to land – shedding their tails and learning to jump

Walking into Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is an amazing experience full of knowledge and interesting trivia’s. In fact, it might be be so exciting that you might not get all the information and fun facts. A very overlooked but interesting habitat is the ranarium. Here you can learn all about our different types of frogs and take a closer look to their life cycle. If you are squeamish and rather keep your distance, here is what you will find inside:

Frog Animal Sanctuary

Gold-eyed tree frog at the Open Ranarium Habitat

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