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Costa Rica: The Ideal Post-COVID-19 Destination

A tropical frog sitting on a leaf


If you’re looking for a “post-Corona Virus destination”, then consider Costa Rica. Thanks to the successful management of the pandemic, Costa Rica has been identified as the number one place in the Latin Americas with the lowest cases of Covid-19 cases and one of the top countries in the World.

In addition to the reliable health system, the country has another advantage: the ability to offer semi-private, boutique tourism. These boutique hotels, villas, and condos allow for some isolation and social distancing. Costa Rica also has a lot of wide-open, beautiful, lush countryside. Excursions and tours are mostly held outside, and the ability to social distance is offered in a variety of options from walking the rainforest, visiting waterfalls, enjoying the oceans, visiting coffee plantations, zip-lining or just relaxing on a secluded beach. This type of vacation also offers a much-needed reprieve from the electronics and social media that we’ve become accustomed to during quarantine.

Tourism experts agree that Costa Rica has a significant advantage over other countries as a destination to visit after the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic passes. Do your research and look into a Costa Rica vacation, you won’t be disappointed!