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Why Costa Rica is Winning Against COVID-19


Why was Costa Rica so successful with COVID-19?

Wonder why Costa Rica is winning the fight against the COVID virus? This tiny country has taken significant measures to ensure the safety of its people and mitigate the spread of the virus. Here are a few facts that contributed to Costa Rica’s success:

• Costa Rica, where Latin America’s first COVID case was reported, is one of the most successful nations in the fight against the virus.

• Its infection and death rates are lower than that of New Zealand.

• Experts say the success was due to how quickly the government responded and how seriously they took the situation from the get-go.

• Lockdown came the same week as the United States closed its borders.

• The country’s borders were closed to all foreign visitors very early in the Covid 19 outbreak, allowing for quick action within the country.

• They instituted strict quarantine measures for their population. Closing all establishments and mandating people stay indoors.

As of May, 19th, 2020 Costa Rica has reported only 882 cumulative know cases and 577 Recoveries. It’s a record on par with that of New Zealand and widely regarded as a paradigm for effectively managing the virus. Costa Rica has recently outpaced the number of new cases and the total number of people who have recovered is greater than the number of active cases. The country is slowly beginning to open their businesses with strict social distancing guidelines.

We highly recommend taking your next vacation in Costa Rica. If you’re yearning for a beautiful slice of paradise, with minimal exposure to COVID-19 then Costa Rica should be at the top of your list! Make sure to review the travel website for information on airline availabilities and border entry.