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Costa Rica- Top 22 Things To Do in 2022

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, this list will offer the BEST 22 things to do while visiting.

Costa Rica is full of adventure. It is the perfect country for fun, experiences, relaxation, and getting in touch with nature!

a group of men standing next to a body of water

Here are 22 “Must Do” activities when visiting Costa Rica:

1) Zip Line– Costa Rica is known for its fantastic zip lining. The highest and longest ocean view zip line in Costa Rica is at Diamante Eco Adventure Park – it’s out of this world! They also have dual lines, so you can ride side by side and share the experience.

2) Canyoning – Waterfall Rappelling in the middle of the rainforest is refreshing and exhilarating. Visit Pure Trek Canyoning.

3) Sloth Sighting – Sloths are all over Costa Rica, and there are many opportunities to see them in the wild or at an animal rescue sanctuary. Visit Diamante Eco Adventure Park for an up-close encounter with a sloth.

a close up of an animal

4) Turtles– Visit Ostional Beach and watch the turtle arribada. Each year thousands of turtle eggs hatch along the beach. It’s truly a magnificent sight to see the beach full of baby turtles. Research the best times of the year before planning this trip.

5) Coffee/Cocoa/Sugar Cane tour– Costa Rica is well known for its coffee, but they also supply scrumptious chocolate and sugar cane. The Culture Tour at Diamante Eco Adventure Park is our favorite. It is a hands-on experience where you learn how it’s grown, harvested, and used in today’s diet.

6) Hot Springs– Visiting a volcanic hot spring is a must when traveling to Costa Rica. One of our favorites is the hot springs at Tabacon. There are over 19 different hot springs to experience at their location.

7) Visit a Spa– Our two favorite spas are Pure Spa in Hermosa Beach – which offers amazing facials, coffee scrubs, laser treatments and more! And if you’re in Arenal we recommend you visit The Springs for a luxury, five-star experience.

8) White Water Rafting – Costa Rica offers many places for white water rafting. Ranging from level 1-to 5, the outdoor experience and wild ride is something you’ll never forget.

a group of people riding on a raft in a body of water

9) Waterfalls- There are so many waterfall options in Costa Rica, and the best way to see them is a hike!   A beautiful spot to capture the falls is at Waterfall Gardens- you can get up close and personal with the falls at this location. Further south we recommend Nauyaca.

10) Surfing – Costa Rica offers world-renowned surfing and warm water. Catch waves at the infamous Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point.   It’s a surfer’s paradise with these breaks.

11) Beaches – I’ve experienced the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, and some are the prettiest in the world. Black sand, white sand, and tan sand are all abundant and sparsely populated. Take several days and relax in the jungle on the beach.

Person in a hammock in front of the ocean

12) Fishing – Costa Rica has terrific fishing adventures. With healthy waters and knowledgeable locals, Costa Rica offers an abundance of big game fishing!

13) Mountain Biking – Many mountain biking trails lend themselves to spectacular views, challenging climbs, and wildlife sightings. Check out Las Catalinas for some crazy fun mountain bike trails.

14) Sunset Sailing – Seeing Costa Rica from the water is our favorite pastime. Take in the lush greenery from the ocean with the benefit of crystal clear warm water and perfect snorkeling. Check out Aqualord for a private experience or join the group at the Marlin Del Rey.

15) ATVs are a great way to see the country and tiny beach towns through ATV adventures. Ride through back roads, rivers, trails, mud, and beaches and see the country up close. Check out Diamante Eco Adventure Park for a great experience on ATVs.

A group riding ATVs through the jungle

16) Hike a Volcano – Arenal has a spectacular active volcano. Take a hike through the lava beds for stunning views of the volcano and Lake Arenal.

17) Manuel Antonio – Manuel Antonio National Park offers a nature walk through the park where you see flora, fauna, and animals. Take the tour and pay for a guide, well worth it.

18) Father Rooster Restaurant– Take time for a cold beer and ceviche at the beachside Father Rooster Restaurant. Located in Ocotal, the sunsets are amazing from this beautiful spot.

19) Stand Up Paddle – SUPPING in Costa Rica is excellent fun. It’s a perfect way to see the fish, rays, and other sea life. It’s great exercise as well!

a person riding a surf board on a body of water

20) Hiking – Costa Rica is home to 28 National Parks and is only the size of Maine. There are so many beautiful hikes in this country that you could hike for a year and still not see the same trails.  

21) Shopping – There are a lot of great shops located in the towns of Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, Nosara, and Las Catalinas. You can find fabulous fashion, art, jewelry, and more.

21) Relaxing – Costa Rica offers a “Pura Vida” lifestyle. This translates into “Pure Life”- and relaxing in this country is a MUST DO. It’s so easy to sit by the pool, ocean, chill in the rainforest, or relax at a beach restaurant. One thing you’ll be when you go home is relaxed!

a sandy beach next to a body of water

For more information on creating a Costa Rica vacation encompassing many of the above activities, you can contact; they will be thrilled to plan a vacation for you!

Or email and reference Costa Rica Vacation. (760)402-7045