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Choosing the right zip line for an unforgettable experience?

Diamante Superman Zip Line

Choosing the right Zip Line!

Travelers thrilled with the amazing beauty and outdoor activities in Costa Rica have inspired many to make the Country a destination for not just adventure travel but family vacations, business trips, group incentive trips, and weddings.

Costa Rica is the birthplace of zip lines and soon after arriving in the country, you will find yourself searching for the best and biggest zip line. If you come to Costa Rica and do not experience a zip line, did you really even visit Costa Rica? Here are some tips on how to choose the best zipline experience for you and your group.

Zip Line - Things to do in Guanacaste

The best things to do when visit Guanacaste

Families with small kids

If you are traveling with small kids, be sure to find out the minimum ages allowed as each zip line is unique. If your children are too young to zip line then choose a park that has more activities to offer so you can tag-team hanging out with kids and still have a great time while everyone gets a chance to fly. 

Diamante Zip Line Kids

Zip Line with kids

The adventurous and the nervous

Zipline courses may look intimidating while standing on the ground and watching people soaring above you, however; once you do the first line even the nervous will gain confidence and enjoy the entire experience. There are a few zip line circuits have smaller lines if your group consists of a majority of not-so adventurous and the nervous. We found the biggest zip line put more emphasis on longer ride times, spectacular views, and features that made zip lining even more fun like automatic braking systems so you spend your entire time enjoying the ride and never touching the cables. 

Diamante Superman Zip Line

Live the adventure in one of the longest zip lines

Unique and Safe

Ziplines in Costa Rica have grown significantly since their humble beginnings. The original short tree to tree design that has customers using a thick leather glove to stop themselves are still available. If you prefer a bigger and longer ride on a newer system that has automatic braking be sure to ask if the zip line has the system prior to booking your trip.

Diamante hanging bridge

Hanging Bridge over crocodiles!


Traveling with a business group and have a few free hours? Research what is the closest adventure park nearby that offers a zip line experience. You can seek options for water and land transportation. Call ahead and ask how long the whole process would be between getting checked in and finishing the tour. Some zip line tours have lengths of 3 to 4 hours, others may offer experiences under 2 hrs If time is a factor.

Diamante Zip Line Groups

Diamante Zip Line Groups

Physical limitations

Costa Rica is a country full of mountains and hilly terrain. Many zip line tours require certain physical skills to be able to complete the circuit like walking distances between lines. If you are full-on adventurous and ready for some physical exertion then proceed, just make sure everyone in the party knows what they are getting into. There are adventure parks that offer top of the line zip line tours with minimum physical exertion. If they do not offer this information online, a quick phone call can always clear any doubts you could have.

Fun in the sun – Diamante Eco Adventure Park Zip Line


Visit Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers a wide variety of adventure activities and experiences featuring a state of the art dual zipline with automatic braking systems and of course the famous Superman line, mile-long line that thrills everyone. The park also has one of the fines Animal Sanctuaries in the Country. You can learn aspects of the culture in a traditional farmhouse or take a thrilling ATV tour, a fun horseback riding tour or enjoy the Pacific Ocean in the only oceanfront park in Costa Rica.  Contact your tour operator for more information or visit the website on how to get your park tickets.