Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Wildlife Animal Sanctuary


If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica to see wildlife, you are in the correct path! Each region of the country has an impressive variety of flora and fauna. So you can expect to see wildlife no matter where you are. Costa Rica currently has 32 national parks, 51 wildlife refuges, 13 forests reserves and 8 biological reserves. With these numbers very present within the population, there is a high concern for conservation efforts.

The biggest threat to wildlife is the rapidly growing human population. Also the extraction of flora and fauna from their habitats. To counteract the negative impact on wildlife Costa Rica passed the Wildlife Conservation Law. In short and easy terms, the law mandates that you do not remove any plant life nor engage with any wild animal by feeding or removing them from their habitat. In fact many rescue centers and sanctuaries emerged from the need to rescue and rehabilitate harmed animals that were victims of wildlife trafficking.

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park Safe Travel Tips

Costa Rica Safe Travel Tips

Make the best of your vacation with this Costa Rica Safe Travel Tips blog. From travel, to health, to driving, we got you covered with the need-to-know knowledge. Knowing what to expect and taking precautions will give you a better chance to enjoy your holiday and go home with a very positive experience. It will also reduce the amount of stress when planning for the little details. So here you go:

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Animals of Diamante Series: Meet our Costa Rican Sloths

Animals of Diamante Series introducing our Costa Rican Sloths.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Animal Sanctuary is home to three beautiful slow moving Costa Rican sloths. All of them are two-toed sloths that call our Animal Sanctuary a Forever Home. As International Sloth Day approaches we will like to present our sloth family. If you don’t know much about sloths, we encourage you to read our blog about Sloths 101. So without further delay we give you: our Costa Rican Sloths Family!

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