5 Reasons to Vacation in Guanacaste Costa Rica

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Guanacaste, Costa Rica – An Introduction Guanacaste is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica, bordering the North is Nicaragua and on the west the Pacific Ocean. Guanacaste features one of the longest stretches of land in the country with miles of pristine coastline, several mountain ranges, volcanoes, national parks, and an incredible year-round climate….

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Independencia de Costa Rica – Tradiciones del Día

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Costa Rica celebra sus 197 años de independencia el 15 de septiembre del 2018. En los próximos días se llenara el país de actividades patrióticas para conmemorar esta importante fecha. Cada acto patriótico que se llevara a cabo representa un hecho en la historia de la independencia de Costa Rica.

La Antorcha

El 13 de Septiembre de todos los años se celebra la tradicional entrega de la Antorcha de la Independencia entre Nicaragua y Costa Rica. Esta pasa se entrega de las manos del gobierno Nicaragüense  al Ministerio de Educación de Costa Rica. La corrida de la Antorcha de la Independencia es una carrera tradicional al estilo relevo que empieza desde la Ciudad de Guatemala y termina en Costa Rica. La ruta a seguir durante la carrera de la Antorcha simboliza el recorrido en el cual se anunció la independencia. La Antorcha está programada para llegar a Cartago el 14 de Septiembre, en donde se celebrara otro acto cívico.

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Costa Rica Culture Activities – An Adventure for the Entire Family


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Best Costa Rica Zip Line Experience at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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Costa Rica’s best zip line experience!

Want to experience the best, longest, fastest, highest, safest and most amazing zip line in Costa Rica? Here is all you need to know about the best Costa Rica zip line!


Diamante’s Zip Line course is Costa Rica’s best and only ocean view dual Zip Line. The course offers dual lines so you can share this experience with your family and friends, riding side by side.  The course is considered best in class and known for its soaring lines that deliver guests extremely long ride times.

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Costa Rica Travel Guide by Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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Make your Costa Rica travel experience unique!

Whether you are traveling to Costa Rica with family, solo on an adventure trip, honeymoon or to explore the wonders of Costa Rica, there are always key points to a stress-free travel planning. Therefore we have taken matters into our hands to give you a short guide to making your Costa Rica travel experience unique!

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Home of the Best Zipline

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Which Zip Line is Considered “The Best” in Costa Rica and Why?

If there is one activity that you can find in Costa Rica it is zip lining.  From the rainiest forest to the warmest coast of Costa Rica there is an abundance of zip line and canopy tours.  This activity was born in Costa Rica by expert biologists in need of investigating the rainforest tree canopies without interrupting the land below. Thus the canopy came to be.

Finding the best zipline tour can be very overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to look for.   For this reason, we have compiled an easy list of characteristics to help you with your search:


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Top 10 Adventures in Guanacaste Costa Rica by Diamante Adventure


Best Things To Do in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Guanacaste Costa Rica is one of the top destinations for tourist in the country. It offers a little bit of everything for everyone! If you are looking for nature hikes, wildlife sightseeing, beautiful beach towns and even adventurous experiences, you are guaranteed to find them in Guanacaste Costa Rica!

As far as activities in Guanacaste, here are our Top 10 Best Things to do in Guanacaste Costa Rica:

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Costa Rica Frogs – Large Sanctuary at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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Largest exhibit of Costa Rica Frogs

At Diamante Eco Adventure Park we have a large frog exhibit featuring the most sought after frogs in Costa Rica. We offer the chance to see poisonous frogs behind glass or walk into our frog exhibit and have a close encounter with beautiful leaf-frogs and much more! So what to expect from our Ranarium:

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Guanacaste Culture – An Intro by Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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Guanacaste Culture


Diamante Eco Adventure Park is located in the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. For us it is very important to protect and promote the cultural values found in the area. Hence we have rescued the word ‘Guanacastequidad’. It sums up what it means to be a Guanacastecan; the love, value, idiosyncrasy dignity, history, identity and cultural personality they possess. Keep reading to learn more about the Guanacaste culture:

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Animal Sanctuary Costa Rica – Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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If you are planning to travel and see Costa Rica wildlife, you’re surely right on the path to the most amazing animal sanctuary Costa Rica – in its entirety – has to offer! Each region of the country has an impressive variety of flora and fauna. So you can expect to see wildlife no matter where you are. Costa Rica currently has 32 national parks, 51 wildlife refuges, 13 forests reserves and 8 biological reserves. With these numbers very present within the population, there is a high concern for conservation efforts.

The biggest threat to wildlife is the rapidly growing human population. Also the extraction of flora and fauna from their habitats. To counteract the negative impact on wildlife Costa Rica passed the Wildlife Conservation Law. In short and easy terms, the law mandates that you do not remove any plant life nor engage with any wild animal by feeding or removing them from their habitat. In fact many rescue centers and sanctuaries emerged from the need to rescue and rehabilitate harmed animals that were victims of wildlife trafficking.

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