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Costa Rica Activities: Discover the best top 5

Costa Rica Activities

On this opportunity, we talk about the top 5 of the most amazing Costa Rica Activities. Have you ever wondered what you can do in Costa Rica? The famous Zip Line Canopy Tours will help you get the vacation of your dreams. Costa Rica is a small country but the activities have no end. You start with Canopy tours, walks through the rain forests and end with one of the many water activities such as surfing and sports fishing.

Top 5 of the best Costa Rica Activities

Costa Rica ActivitiesZipline: they are becoming one of the most popular activities in Costa Rica. In this tour, you are lifted by a zip fastened securely to a platform of a tree, approximately 50 feet and then sent through the air to the platform of another tree. Diamante Eco Adventure Park have the longest dual action Zip Line with ocean view in Central America!!

Zip Line Tours have its story in the small Quaker community of Monteverde, there, this tours was to be practiced for the first time and since then have spread all over the country. This is definitely an experience full of adrenaline that you should not miss!

Surfing: There are also more popular and traditional activities in Costa Rica such as surfing and white-water rafting.

Costa Rica Activities

Animal Sanctuary

Surfing is good throughout the year especially for the months of June and July which favor the southern points such as Pavones and Matapalo as well, on the central Pacific coast and the pacific north coast. You can practice as well ocean kayaking, stand up paddle, jet ski and snorkeling thanks to the great diversity of beaches and beautiful natural beauty that Costa Rica has.

Other more popular points are Grande Beach, Negra Beach and Hermosa Beach, just to name a few. Whitewater rafting is also world-class and the best time to navigate the river is during the rainy season from May to December when rivers flow.

Horseback Riding trips
: it is a relaxed activity to get into the landscapes of Costa Rica, horseback riding will take you from the deep jungles to the soft sandy beaches. The Guanacaste tour offers you spectacular views of the landscapes.

Trekking or hiking trails: Nowhere in the world are there so many habitats in the same area as in Costa Rica. As a result, hiking is one of the best ways to discover natural biodiversity. The amazing Animal Sanctuary in Guanacaste are spectacular places to practice this sport.

ATV Tours: ATV tours are a great option outside of exploring Costa Rica. The biodiversity of Guanacaste and the remote mountains of the area of Rincon de la Vieja are some of the most popular places to do these ATV rides.

If you have any question about this or other activities in Costa Rica, just contact us, We will be glad to help you in your amazing vacations in Costa Rica!

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