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Costa Rica Activities: Best Way to Vacation!

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Costa Rica is known for being one of the best tropical countries to practice sports and look for the adventure; for that reason, we offer an amazing selection of Costa Rica activities for all our customers. It is incredible the amount of things you can do there, you just have to prepare for the adventure and spending the best vacations in this paradise lost.

Where do you to stay in Costa Rica for adventure?

Riu Guanacaste is a hotel situated in Mata Palo Beach, Guanacaste. It offers the best service to its customers. Also, it has a freshwater pool and a wonderful sun terrace. In this Riu Resort, you will be able to enjoy of Jacuzzi, gym, steam room and a wellness center with different treatments and massages. There, you will have the maximum comfort during your vacations.

The Guanacaste region is less tropical, humid and exuberant than the rest of the country. It has plains and dry forests similar to African savannahs. Inland, you can make some trips to see the local cowboys mounted on their horses which are authentic figures of the popular culture of this destination. Also, you can enjoy the nature of this region thanks to all Costa Rica activities that we offer to you.

What are the best Costa Rica activities?

Costa Rica activities

Zip line adventure to everybody!!

There are many tours that allow you to experiment amazing adventures in Costa Rica. Some of them are: Zip lines, canopy or surfing to name a few.

Thus, zip line and canopy tours are the most famous in the region and the most requested by tourists. The reason is because both take you to the heights of trees, so you can watch birds, animals, and even rare plants and native trees of the area. The view is an amazing spectacle; this is an experience that you will want to live again.

On the other hand, surfing in Matapalo beach is a great experience for beginners and experts, Also a great place to snorkel for its great marine beauty. Costa Rica activitiesMatapalo is on the extreme of the Osa Peninsula, enthusiasts of extreme water sports will love this beach. The best conditions are at mid tide with a tidal west and southwest. The surf on this beach is also an excellent option for those who wish to longboard thanks to its outstanding.

What are you waiting? Come with us and the discover some of the most amazing activities of the region and enjoy the best vacation that you ever lived.

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