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Costa Rica Extreme Adventures & Activities – Enjoy The Adrenaline!

Costa Rica extreme activities

Costa Rica Extreme Adventure … of a Lifetime!

The best way to experiment adrenaline is practicing Costa Rica extreme adventure activities. The varied environments of Costa Rica allow finding many tours focused on the beauty of each area.

If you love the adventure and extreme sports, there is no better place for you than Costa Rica. Imagine that feeling of pure adrenaline while you are in the air, water or land; Surrounded by lush nature and incredible landscapes!!

Costa Rica Extreme Adventure & Activities: Ride The Rush! | Eco Blog

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Top 6 Costa Rica extreme activities, adventure and more

Costa Rica is a natural paradise in the middle of the American continent that attracts adventurous spirits from all over the world. Learn about some of the Costa Rica extreme activities that can be practiced in this beautiful country.

So, if you like strong emotions and want to know the wild Costa Rica, you will have to venture into its jungles, seas, mountains and rivers. Then, we tell you about 6 adventure sports in Costa Rica that you can practice.

  1. Kayaking: You will kayak for a good time (round trip), during your trip, you will row passing islands, where you can observe and admire numerous marine bird species and their nesting areas.Costa Rica extreme adventure and activities

During the kayak at sea, you will pass through a route where you will make a small stop in a beautiful bay hidden to rest and enjoy a refreshing aperitif.

If you are not a professional, be sure to enter the water when the waves are not very big, otherwise, you will have to paddle a lot to pass over the waves and avoid overturning. When you have advanced enough, you will be able to enjoy the nature that surrounds you in its maximum splendor and you will see the all the beautys of Costa Rica

  1. Costa Rica surf: In this country, you can find good waves to surf on almost any coast. Even so, there are places established and frequented by surf tourism that is indispensable if you want to practice this extreme sport. Diamante Eco Adventure Park can take it to almost any place like unpopulated spots to give a good tour and to have a good dinner before returning to the park.
  2. Snorkeling: If you already know how to dive, you find many spectacular places to explore the deep waters; you can take the license here, in Costa Rica. In this country, you will find a true paradise for diving; we suggest you venture as much in the Pacific as in the Atlantic, as you will see a greater diversity of species.Costa Rica extreme adventure and activities

You will most likely see animals like octopus, jellyfish, moray eels and even sharks! But do not be afraid, just be sure to show respect to the animals and follow the instructions of your guide.  On the other hand, Experts like to make longer trips such as the Coco Island, named by Jacques Cousteau as one of the most special deep waters for snorkeling in the world.

  1. Canopy and zipline Costa Rica: they are some of the most popular activities in Costa Rica; you can do it in many areas of the country. You will go up to different stations, high in the trees where you will slide from one tree to another, through a steel cable. You can see all the nature from above, it is very exciting!Costa Rica extreme adventure and activities

As we said before,   Ziplining Consists of a pulley suspended by cables mounted on a slope. They are designed to be gravity driven and can slide from top to bottom using a cable, usually stainless steel cables.

  1. Jet Ski: travelers looking for an exciting way to explore Costa Rica’s picturesque coastal lines can do so on a jet ski, a powerful vehicle that allows tourists to enjoy an adrenalin-filled day at sea.

The country’s coasts offer a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, from rocks edged with lush mangroves. Travelers who want to drive a Jet Ski adventure will be able to enjoy the beauties of the coasts while experiencing the same time one of the most exciting Costa Rica extreme activities.

  1. Atv tour: Imagine exploring Costa Rica’s beaches, forests, mountain villages, waterfalls and amazing wildlife, while driving an ATV. It does not matter what language you speak, or where it comes from; whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking for something extreme, we have the all-terrain adventure for you!

With an ATV you will be able to enjoy spectacular views, exciting roads while observing the most awesome wildlife of the region.

Enjoy all the extreme adventures that Diamante Eco Adventure Park has for you; explore the abundance of wildlife that everyone wants to stop to observe, all in their natural and impressive habitat.

Costa Rica extreme adventure and activitiesOur tours include round trip transportation, (try our Diamante Express boat transport!!), naturalist and bilingual guides and all the necessary equipment for the tour. Enjoy the most impressive coastlines of Costa Rica or the most famous adventure activities of this country by hiring one of our fantastic tours.

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