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Zipline Adventures: A Fun Way to Explore Costa Rica

Zipline Adventures

Costa Rica Zip Lining – A Unique View of the Country

Enjoy the beauty of nature and explore Costa Rica through Ziplining Adventures. Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places on earth to enjoy a real adventure in Costa Rica accompanied by your friends or loved ones. This country is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful things that nature offers.

Costa Rica is a territory internationally known for the beauty of its people, and for being a place full of nature and fun where thousands of tourists from different countries of the world enjoy every day, either during their honeymoon or simply during their Adventure holidays. So, we promise you this will be a place that will rejuvenate your body and spirit while delighting in exquisite natural beauty which you will not find during your daily routine.Costa Rica Ziplining - Tours and Adventures

Zipline Adventures, discovering Costa Rica from the heights

If you are willing to take the most exciting adventure, you can enjoy the amazing Tarzan Swing tour that Diamante Eco Adventure Park brings for you, it starts swinging among the trees, allowing an incredible view of the mighty Arenal Volcano.

As well as the rainforest above, below and around you as a healthy race of adrenaline surge through your bones for an adventure in the most amazing zipline tours that you will never forget.

Superman Zipline: The Longest in Costa RicaCosta Rica Ziplining - Tours and Adventures

Instead of the traditional zipline, where the user sits upright, in the course of Superman Zipline rests on the abdomen stretching over the harness horizontally with his hands in the air so that he can truly feel that he rises through the air.

The two hours of travel in this zipline through the forest canopy take you flying over the trees for 13 cables to enjoy spectacular views of the tropical forest and the Gulf of Papagayo. All activities are supervised by experienced guides on this small-group tour limited to a maximum of 10 participants, and training and equipment are provided.

The highest point of the flight is 70 meters high but moments later the brave ones begin to slide through a 6 meter opening in the tree top and then fly over a wooded bridge just 5 meters above of the ground before returning to submerge in a ravine of just under 70 meters.Costa Rica Ziplining - Tours and Adventures

In this route, you can reach speeds close to 140 kilometers per hour. It is ideal for the adrenaline flows and thus, this becomes one of the most incredible experiences of your life! Come to Costa Rica and discover the best Zipline Adventures. So, what are you waiting for!? Visit us and live the best adventure experience in Costa Rica!!

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