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Costa Rica Culture Activities – An Adventure for the Entire Family

Costa Rica Culture Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Finding ways to experience Costa Rica in a fun and entertaining way for the whole family can be tough. While some will seek adrenaline and adventure, others want to explore wildlife and culture. Luckily there is a new experience at Diamante Eco Adventure Park that will appeal to all ages. This Costa Rican Cultural Experience was created to be a fun and educational visit with hands-on participation.

The Cultural Experience

The cultural experience begins inside the Botanical Gardens within Diamante. Guests enjoy a short walk from the Welcome Center to the shaded forest where they encounter a replica of a 100 year old Costa Rican farmhouse, commonly referred to as a Casita or Tico House.

The house is surrounded by native plants and a medicinal garden similar to what one would find on a Costa Rican farm. The Casita is an architectural replica of the traditional homes built in the early days of the country. There are guided tours every 2 hours. So what is included in this Costa Rican Cultural tour?

Costa Rican Cultural Activities and Tours | Diamante

The Costa Rican House is located inside the Botanical Gardens.

The Cultural Experience explores the three main agricultural products that boosted Costa Rica’s economy in the 1800’s: cacao, sugar cane and coffee. The guided tour will show guests Cacao, Sugar Cane and Coffee plants that are growing inside the botanical garden.

Once guests have seen the plants they enter into the Casita where they will find the cacao seed in different stages of the production process. The guide will take them through the process in which they will be able to experience a hands-on approach. They will get to mix, grind, stir and create their own chocolate. Then to balance the sweet taste of chocolate, the tour proceeds to prepare coffee the traditional Costa Rican way: ground beans inside a sock-like cloth with hot water poured over to let it drip.

Costa Rica Culture Activities

Coffee Tasting at the Cultural Experience Tour

Also included in the culture activity tour is a Costa Rican oxcart located just off the casita. The guide will explain, the historical importance of this colorful art craft and how it shaped the economy of Costa Rica. Alongside the oxcart there is a rudimentary machine that is used to compress the sugar cane plant.. This is very fun as guests get to try the sugar cane press for themselves with the help of the guide. The reward is guests get to enjoy the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. Commonly called Agua Dulce, sugar cane juice is both tasty and refreshing.

Live the Cultural Experience

This family friendly tour is included as part of the Diamante Costa Rica Adventure Pass or can be added to the Diamante Animal Sanctuary Discovery Pass. Both passes provide an excellent combination of adventure, nature and culture with the Cultural Experience being one of the major highlights. Making the best of the vacation in Costa Rica is all about finding the right place and activities to do. For further questions regarding the Cultural Experience please email us at [email protected]