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Diamante Adventure Park Zip Line Tour Tips 101

Costa Rica Zip Line

Diamante Tips – Zip line tour 101

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is home to Costa Rica’s # 1 Zip line tour. It is also home to the longest and only ocean view zip line in Costa Rica: the Superman. It is 80 stories high, and 1.4 kilometers long, taking between 45 seconds to 1 minute and a half from Point A to Point B. This makes it a must do Costa Rica tour. So if you are in the Guanacaste zone and looking for a thrilling adventure, we leave you our Diamante Eco Adventure Park Travel Tips 101 to make the best of your experience in our Zip Line:

Costa Rica Adventures | Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Ready for Cable 1 take off!

Hours of Operation

Doors to Diamante Eco Adventure Park open every day at 8:30AM and our first zip line tour starts at 9:00AM. Our morning tour hours are every half hour starting at 9:00AM. The last run of the morning is at 11:30AM. Afterwards we resume zip line tours every hour on the hour starting at 1:00PM. Depending on the amount of guests and the daily demand, we have the capacity to run every half hour on the afternoon tours. Also the last zip line tour of the afternoon is at 3:00PM or 3:30PM depending on the schedule it is running.Z

 Zip Line Tour Capacity

Every zip line tour has a maximum capacity of 25 people per group. So if you know that you are travelling with a group and want to soar together, make sure to do reservations! You can actually ask to have a specific tour time with the reservation confirmation. However, if you do not show up 20 minutes before that time, we will liberate the time slot and fill in the space. Our zip line tour is a dual cable course, meaning two people can ride side by side. This makes it ideal to enjoy an amazing experience and views with your favorite partner in crime!

Diamante Eco Adventure Park - Costa Rica Adventures

Don’t forget your group photo at the top of the Superman!

Getting you Ready.

The zip line tours start on the dot; so we recommend being 20 to 30 minutes before the desire tour time. 15 minutes before every tour starts, we prepare the group by putting on their gears and having a 5-minute instruction session. This means, if you REALLY want to be on that 11:00AM group, be sure to be at the park by 10:30AM the latest.

Zip Line Tour Time

The total amount of time require to do the zip line tour will depend on the amount of people per tour group. A tour group of 10 to 15 people might take anywhere from one hour to one hour and a half. A group of 15 to 25 people could take up to two hours.


Please do note that our zip line does have some restrictions. First, the minimum weight is 60 pounds (27kg) and the maximum weight is 280 pounds (130kg). Second, there is no riding in tandem. There are also other restrictions regarding broken limbs or bones, quadriplegic or paraplegic, surgeries and more. If you have any questions regarding the ability to realize our zip line tour please contact us for better assistance.

Costa Rica Zip Line | Superman Zipline Canopy Tour Diamante Eco Park

Longest ocean view superman zipline

Zip Line Tour Passes

There are two passes that allow you to enjoy the zip line tour with us:

  • Aerial Pass ($68) Enjoy the zip line tour, including the Superman Man mile-long dual cable and a 30 feet high controlled jump!
  • Adventure Pass ($98) Experience the full zip line tour plus one extra cable that runs through our animal sanctuary and a hanging bridge over the crocodiles! Finish the tour inside of our top of class animal sanctuary and enjoy our wildlife family. This pass also includes a buffet lunch at the Welcome Center; and access to our beach activities (stand up paddle board, snorkeling, kayak and hanging out at the hammocks). Better than a water park!

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is open from 8:30AM to 4:30PM – 365 days! Our zip line is ACCT certified. Read all about what this means here. For more information visit:

+ (506) 2105-5200

Pura vida!

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