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Animals of Diamante Series: Marmosets – Animal Sanctuary

Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary-154

Animal Sanctuary in Costa Rica

Meet Rocky & Luna

Diamante Eco Adventure Park built the Animal Sanctuary in hand with La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The goal is making Diamante a forever home to rescue native wildlife that cannot be reintroduce into the wild. Therefore the wildlife found at the Diamante Animal Sanctuary is rescue, or born in captivity, and is native to Costa Rica. All except one: the marmosets native to the South America region. So why do they form part of our family?

Rocky and Luna are beautiful Brazilian native marmosets hence considered an exotic species in Costa Rica.

Background Story

German born biologist Dr. Ludwig E. Muller, founder of the “Fundacion Primatologica de Costa Rica”, had been studying and breeding the species in captivity for many years in Costa Rica. He was also one of the leading experts in the Tropical American Primates. As a result Dr Ludwig personally asked us to take care of Rocky and Luna before his death. He was in search of forever homes and we were on his list.

We do not encourage keeping exotic animals in Costa Rica. We accepted to take care of them given the situation, personal approach and concern of well-being of the marmosets. Diamante promised to look out for them for the rest of their lives and provide the best habitat.

Marmosets belong to the new world monkey species.

Wild and exotic animals should never be consider pets. That’s why the work of any Animal sanctuary is so important around the world. Diamante provides a safe environment to animals that cannot be reintroduce into the wild. Being breed in captivity, raise as pets, live in non-native environments, sustain permanent injuries or are handicapped are some of the reasons to foster wildlife.

The Animal Sanctuary at Diamante Eco Adventure Park is open 365 days a year, from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Come visit us and meet our amazing wild life family! Acquire our Discovery Pass (Animal Sanctuary) for $42 and spend the day with us!

For more information visit:

or call us at + (506) 2105-5200

Pura vida!