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Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary – Feeding the Jaguars

Jaguar Animal Sanctuary: Feeding Nico & Sama

Diamante’s Adventure Park beloved jaguars are Nico and Sama. We take great care of them and make sure all their needs are tended to, as all of our animals at the Animal Sanctuary. For our guests, and fellow animal lovers, that inquire about their feedings and how do we feed them, here is a quick break down:

Jaguar Sanctuary Costa Rica: Feeding the Jaguars | Eco Blog (2019)

Sama ready for a bite

*DISCLAIMER* Jaguars are natural predators and are at the top of the food chain here in Costa Rica. Highly trained personnel takes care of everything that involves human interaction: feeding, cage clean up, vet visits, etc. For our safety and theirs no physical contact can be made with the animals.

Jaguar Daily Feedings:

Jaguars are fed daily at the start of the day. Nico and Sama are kept in a special feeding room outside of their habitat during meal time. This allows us to cover very important aspects of their care:

  1. Nico and Sama have different diets, keeping them separated allows us to make sure that they consume their respective portions
  2. Due to their instinct, keeping them separated during feedings also ensures that no fight over food will break out and result in injuries.
  3. It allows their care takers to get into their habitat and do a daily clean up which includes: picking up their feces, making sure there aren’t any dangerous elements that could cause harm, cleaning their ponds to make sure there aren’t any dangerous bacteria or fungi and much more.
Jaguar Sanctuary Costa Rica: Feeding the Jaguars Nico and Sama

Jaguars have the third highest bite force after the tiger and Lion. Nico showing his deadly canines

We keep a feeding range time between 900AM to 9:30AM. This has created a habit for them. This makes it possible to take care of the whole process in 20minutes approximately and keep the time in their feeding rooms to a minimum.

Jaguar Diet:

Nico and Sama follow a strict raw diet in which they get fed chicken and meat. The team at the Sanctuary makes sure to do follow ups for any adjustments that need to be done to their diet.

Jaguar Sanctuary Costa Rica: Feeding the Jaguars Nico and Sama

Nico and Sama ready to dive into the water

The Animal Sanctuary at Diamanté Eco Adventure Park is open 365 days a year, from 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Come visit us and meet our amazing wild life family! Acquire our Discovery Pass (Animal Sanctuary) for $38 and spend the day with us!

For more information visit:

+ (506) 2105-5200

Pura vida!