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Diamante Animal Sanctuary: Sloth-A-Feast

Animal Sanctuary Sloths

Feeding Two Toed Sloths … A Slow & Steady Process

Hanging upside down all day every day can be a very exhausting task, especially when you get to eat and sleep all day. *Insert sarcasm here* Lucy, Mia and Gilbert are our most famous and sought out family members here at the Diamante Animal Sanctuary.

You can find them sleeping upside down, in nooks and crannies, in platforms or anywhere they find comfortable within their habitat. But if you really want to see them move, it takes just one small word: Food.

Diamante Animal Sanctuary: Costa Rica Sloth Feeding | Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Sometimes Lucy will only wake up for food

Daily Feast:

Our sloths get feed daily, three times a day! Here is a breakdown on the ultimate #lifegoals. Their diet consists of: green beans, sweet potato, carrots and squash. Every day at the start of the day, our caretakers cut the sweet potato, carrots and squash into string like pieces, weights the corresponding amount and set to one of the most dangerous tasks in the animal sanctuary: feeding the sloths.

Diamante Animal Sanctuary: Costa Rica Sloth Feeding | Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Sometimes she will not even wake up!

Given their natural speed and responsiveness, Lucy, Mia and Gilbert might not want to be disturbed at the times established by their caretakers, that’s why after out 9:30AM feeding, we leave the rest of the food within their habitat for them to feast as they want.

We check back at 12:30MD to make sure the food ratio has gone down and to hand feed the lazier ones. Our last round is at 3:30PM, they usually take this as their last queue to be hand feed for the day, after that: it’s a self-service buffet with the remainder of their food.

And lo and behold, every morning the platter is empty. It might take those 24 hours to finish their food, but they accomplish their goal – every single day.

Costa Rica Sloths and Two Toed Sloths

Valerie, our caretaker, hand feeding lucy

Food favoritism:

Lucy, Mia and Gilbert have distinct personalities and that makes their food preference differ. Lucy will go first for the sweet potato and later on, only if the carrots are up to her standards, she will have some carrots for dessert. Gilbert will eat green beans, squash and sweet potato but will stay away from the carrots. On the other hand, Mia will eat everything that is on her path! She leaves no food behind! Atta Girl!

Costa Rica Sloths and Two Toed Sloths in Diamante Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary at Diamanté Eco Adventure Park is open 365 days a year, from 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Come visit us and meet our amazing wild life family! Acquire our Discovery Pass (Animal Sanctuary) for $38 and spend the day with us! Get here early and watch as our sloths get their sloth-a-feast on!

For more information visit:

+ (506) 2105-5200

Pura vida!