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Diamante Eco Adventure Park Zipline: Certified ACCT


ACCT Zipline Certification: Meeting International Standards

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is home to the longest dual action Zip Line in Central America. It ranks top in the world and it is a must-do experience. The course is designed and engineered for fun and safety under the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards. When asked if our zip line is safe, we say the safest because we meet all the ACCT standards we get complete blank looks. This sounds like a technical answer, so to better help you with any questions we have written our version: ACCT Standards for Dummies.

What does ACCT mean?

 The Association for Challenge Course Technology is an accredited standards developer focused on the challenge course industry. To meet their standards, we followed rigorous procedures when building the zip line, platforms and towers. In fact their standard is not only within the building aspect of the course, but the equipment we use on it (harness, carabiners, trolleys, etc), safety procedure and staff operation.

Standard examples:

So to simplify and give a clear idea of what this means, we are going to provide some examples of standards that are audited.

Working capacity:

Every element that makes up the course functions with a work capacity this takes into account various factors such as: momentum, resistance, tension, weight, speed, etc. As well towers and platforms meet a weight distribution plan. Also, every anchoring point has been reviewed, have extensive analysis and according to their usage support a required force exertion. They have extensive engineering work and approved building permits. The zip line cables also comply with a working capacity that goes above and beyond their intended strength. They can withstand Tons of weight…literally.

Construction blueprints:

Specialized engineers were hired to do the blueprints and ground works. A certified inspector guided the entire process to make sure every design, circuit and construction met every standard. As a result the compliance of this requirements was central to our construction efforts.

Overhauls, equipment & staff operation

Another important part of meeting with the standards is reforming extensive overhauls of the course. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly revisions are done that ensures optimum conditions. In addition, all equipment in use has to meet with certain international certification standards. This includes harnesses, trolleys, carabiners and much more. Another requirement is that the staff that  operates the course is well train in the operations and equipment use. Meaning, they understand the technical aspects and know the safest and optimum way to operate it. Hence, meeting with these requirements ensures that we are up to date with the latest technology and safest procedures.

ACCT Zip Line Certification - Diamante Zip Line Costa Rica

Full body harnesses

Now you know! We take your fun and safety very seriously. We are always striving to be the best at what we do and keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Try our amazing, must-do, check off your bucket list zip line! Get your passes at . There are two passes that will let you live the zip line experience:

  • Aerial Pass ($68): Enjoy the zip line tour, including the Superman mile-long dual cable and a 30 feet high controlled jump!
  • Adventure Pass ($98): experience the full zip line tour plus one extra cable that runs through our animal sanctuary and a hanging bridge over the crocodiles! Finish the tour inside of our top of class animal sanctuary and enjoy our wildlife family. This pass also includes a buffet lunch at the Welcome Center and access to our beach activities (stand up paddle board, snorkeling, kayak and hanging out at the hammocks).

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is open from 8:30AM to 4:30PM the 365 days of the year!

Pura Vida!

ACCT Zip Line Certification - Diamante Zip Line Costa Rica