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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: A Special Day at the Animal Sanctuary

A group of friend posing for a photo

Engaging with the community

In the heart of Liberia, Guanacaste the Adelita Muñoz Rovira School has an enrollment of around 350 students. It was founded in 1973 and has been growing ever since. This year we got to treat the graduating class to a full day of fun at our animal sanctuary. To them the experience meant more than just a graduating trip, it meant an adventure. So what makes this experience different? The Adelita Muñoz Rovira School is one of the 22 special educations centers that teach children will all kinds of special needs in Costa Rica.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Animal Sanctuary: Special Day at the Park

Group photo at the Wildcats Habitat.


Arriving to Diamante Park on a sunny morning, we see many emotions going through the group. From smiling faces, anxious expressions and timid eye contacts, emotion is a fleeting one. But as soon as we stepped into the Animal Sanctuary the excitement became overwhelming. First stop on the tour: the butterfly observatory. Unsurprisingly, we spent most of our time here. Seeing a world of color flying around them, hearing their laughter and looking into the amazement in their eyes was an incredible gift.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Animal Sanctuary: Special Day at the Park

Watching Lucy have some yummy lunch

After the butterfly observatory we headed over to the toucans and spent some time admiring their beautiful colors. Another unforgettable moment in their tour was getting to experience the slow moving sloths having lunch and smiling up to them. It truly is a rare sight seeing the sloths moving around, but when there is food around they are unstoppable!

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Animal Sanctuary: Special Day at the Park

Lucy enjoying her daily lunch

Our day ended heading over to the wildcats and getting to see our beautiful jaguars, Nico and Sama, lounging around taking an afternoon nap. Their reactions to watching the biggest feline species in Costa Rica, laying belly up as if he was waiting for a scratch made them burst into uncontrollable giggles.


Of course, the adventure day couldn’t be done without having lunch! We got to enjoy some down time at our welcome center, sharing time with them over pizza and French fries. After so much excitement, the group was ready to get some food in them and head back home. Goodbyes were said, promises of coming back were made, hugs and kisses exchanged. And at the end of the day, our staff was the most excited to have spent time with a group of wonderful people and can’t wait for them to come back.

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