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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Five Star Blue Flag Program

Blue Flag – 5 Star

Ecological Blue Flag Program

Costa Rica is a beach lover’s paradise. With over 750 miles of sun kissed sand and shimmering waves it is no wonder that Costa Rican beaches are a must do. Diamante Eco Adventure Park is located in Matapalo Beach, Guanacaste and makes for an amazing water experience. With so many visitors at our beaches, how do we keep them lush? Well Costa Rica is a pioneer in Eco-Tourism and it created the Blue Flag Program. Matapalo Beach is part of this program and has been awarded the 5 Star Blue Flag – an honor only few other beaches attained in 2016. So what is this Blue Flag Program and why should you be aware about it?


The Blue Flag Program is an initiative by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) to strengthen public health and tourist activities. So beaches are annually awarded for complying with the regulations and requirements previously establish. The award is given to the committees responsible for each beach. So what does it really look after?

Playa Matapalo, Guanacaste


This program has 5 major pillars. To be able to receive it, the beach has to comply with 90% or more of the requirements. So here are the parameters and a short explanation for each:

  • Ocean water quality: analysis to make sure our water is clean and also safe to enjoy it.
  • Drinking water quality: making sure drinking water is not contaminated and taking appropriate measurements.
  • Waste disposal: making sure our beaches are trash free, trash and recycle bins are within easy reach, and solid waste dispose appropriately.
  • Education: educating our future generation of the importance of a healthy environment. This requirement also includes community service programs to promote environmental education
  • Security: are the tides too strong? Are there dangerous elements (rocks, corals, etc) in the water? Are there whirlpool zones? The program ensures safety is always first! So we make sure to label and inform you of any precaution you might need.

In fact complying with 90% to 100% wins you a One Star Blue Flag. So the committee has to go above and beyond what is stipulated to earn a Five Star Blue Flag. There are many ways to go the extra mile: community education engagement programs recycle programs, Tourist Police security, emergency plans and more.

Costa Rica 2020

Costa Rica has made the commitment to become the first Carbon Neutral country in 2020. So we at Diamante Eco Adventure Park are putting in our grain of sand by participating in Eco Programs. We want to offer the most unique Costa Rica tour experience by showing you our green side. As part of the Matapalo Committee for the Blue Flag program, we are pledging to keep clean our beach. Make the best of your Costa Rica experience by following some of our personal tips! Travel. Enjoy. Respect.

Pura vida!