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Diamante Eco Adventure Park: Sustainable Tourism for World Tourism Day

Diamante Animal Sanctuary Costa Rica


Costa Rica is worldwide known for its biological biodiversity, breath taking scenery and being the happiest country on Earth. With nearly perfect weather year round it makes Costa Rica one of the top places to vacation. As a result Tourism is Costa Rica’s top economic income, even over international export of bananas and coffee. So in lieu of World Tourism Day lurking around the corner Diamante Eco Adventure Park would like to bring forward the theme for this year: Sustainable Tourism.

Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism - World Tourism Day


What is sustainable tourism?

Tourism creates an economic, environmental and social impact on the host country. Sustainable tourism is all about making sure this impact is a positive one. So how can this be achieved? Well, the private and public sector companies need to make an effort to make sure their companies comply with certain goals. These goals of sustainable tourism go from creating opportunities for the surrounding communities, to regulating waste disposal and water treatment, to respecting the surrounding cultures. In fact, Costa Rica has gone one step further and has created a Voluntary Certification Program known as the CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism).

What does it mean to have the CST?

For a company to be categorized as a Level 5 on the CST means that they comply with 95% of the regulations established in each of the five categories.  These regulations cover every possible impact for the company. So it looks after the reduction of negative impact of our environment, making sure contamination is reduced, regulates the quality of product, service and more. It also makes sure to promote environmental friendly behavior in our costumers. Meaning we also create an educational experience.  So if companies are putting in their grain of sand, what can an individual traveler do?

Sustainable Tourism Costa Rica - Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Tips to Help.

The World Tourism Organization has put together a series of tips to encourage us travelers to help promote sustainable tourism. You can check it out here. But we also want to give you a few that will help you here in Costa Rica:

  • Use a refillable water bottle. Don’t create more excess plastic trash.
  • When available, dispose of trash in the labeled recycle trash bins.
  • Take pictures, create memories, but don’t try to take our wildlife (flora and fauna) home!
  • Buy and eat local – avoid franchises and get the real Costa Rican experience.
  • Use some Spanish local words as “Pura Vida” or “Tuanis”

So whether you are travelling to visit friends and family, business or leisure remember to keep those tips in mind. 2017 is declare the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, so let’s support the cause. Diamante Eco Adventure Park has made the compromise to reach Level 5 of the CST to support the cause. And as the Secretary-General of the UNWTO said:

“…whenever you travel, wherever you travel, remember to:




You can be the change you want to see in the world.

You can be an ambassador for a better future.


Pura Vida!