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Celebrating Monkey Day at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

This is the season to be jolly, and as we spread holiday cheer, let’s not forget that December is also Monkey Month! Join us in celebrating the holiday season with our monkey friends at Diamante Eco Adventure Park.

Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity, and its monkey population steals the spotlight with four captivating species: the White-Faced Monkey, Spider Monkey, Howler Monkey, and Squirrel Monkey (Titi). 

  • White-Faced Monkey: Also known as Capuchin Monkeys, are easily identifiable by their distinctive white faces and tufts of hair resembling a little old man!  Their social nature is evident as they often gather in large groups, showcasing tight-knit family bonds.
  • Spider Monkey: Renowned for their acrobatic prowess, Spider Monkeys feature long, slender limbs and prehensile tails that they use like an extra hand. These arboreal primates gracefully swing through the treetops, playing a vital role in seed dispersal and maintaining the balance of their ecosystem.
  • Howler Monkey: Howler Monkeys are known for their distinctive vocals that can be heard echoing through the treetops, Howler Monkeys are characterized by their prehensile tails and robust build.
  • Squirrel Monkey (Titi): Recognizable by their small size and striking facial features, Squirrel Monkeys, also known as Titis and are quite  social with a playful demeanor.


At Diamante, we’re fortunate to host two of these amazing Monkey species: the White-Faced Monkey and the Spider Monkey. With their acrobatic antics and playful behavior, these monkeys offer an up-close encounter and our guests spend a lot of time watching them play. 

The monkeys at Diamante are not suited for life in their natural environment. However, at our sanctuary, we go beyond providing a secure environment. We actively encourage and support their natural behaviors through enrichment programs, fostering a dynamic and stimulating environment that mirrors their natural habitats.

Our park is also home to a wild Howler Monkey family that resides full-time, adding an authentic touch to the Costa Rican jungle experience. Observing these wild primates in their natural habitat is a unique opportunity to witness their social dynamics and daily lives.

As we celebrate Monkey Month this December at Diamante Eco Adventure Park, this commitment to promoting their well-being takes center stage. 

Under the care of a team of professionals in biology and veterinary, the monkeys at our sanctuary enjoy an excellent life. This commitment to high-quality wildlife management ensures that every resident enjoys the utmost care and attention.  And an extended life span!

Through our weekly enrichment programs, we aim to ensure that the monkeys experience mental and physical stimulation, allowing them to engage in behaviors that reflect their instincts and natural inclinations. 

So, when you visit our Animal Sanctuary at Diamante Eco Adventure Park, know that you are not only witnessing the incredible diversity of wildlife but also contributing to the well-being and enrichment of these amazing creatures. 

Join us in Monkey Month festivities, and let’s celebrate the beauty of wildlife together!