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Top 8 Best adventure activities in Costa Rica

adventure activities

If you want to know the Best Adventure Activities, there is no better place for you than Costa Rica. Imagine that feeling of pure adrenaline while you’re in the air, water or land; surrounded by lush nature and amazing landscapes. The best Costa Rica vacation is its wonderful nature which allows you to live a unique experience and also the opportunity to practice extreme sports throughout the year.

Top 8 of the Best adventure activities in Costa Rica

  • Zip Line:  of course that the list starts with the sensational zip line, incomparable 1360 meters (4461 feet) dual zip line overlooking the sea. In addition to the famous Tarzan Swing, Quick Jump (a free fall of over 30 feet) and walking Bridge over crocodiles !!
  • Rafting: it is one of the sports that has more advertisement in Costa Rica. There are different categories of rafting for the more adventurous and more conservative. Costa Rica has a long tradition in this sport, so you can be absolutely calm about the safety of the experience.adventure activities
  • Kayaking: Puerto Jimenez can be a central place to do kayak tours through the mangroves in the area. Enjoy seeing from the kayak, the exuberance of the tropical forest and the animals that are observed on the edge of the mangroves like insects, birds, frogs, monkeys and more. Ask for our Ocean Kayaking
  • Diving: There are many sites that offer diving in Costa Rica, especially in Pacific and the Atlantic beaches. The best: You can take the lessons right here. The legendary place to visit is the Isla del Coco, which also has a great history and is probably the most important natural protected area of Costa Rica
  • Surf: practically, in any coast of this country you can find a fabulous place to surf. What we recommend? Malpais, Santa Teresa. In addition, you can use to take the snorkel tour.adventure activities
  • Windsurfing: one of the key places for windsurfing is the Laguna del Arenal Volcano. You will find specialized sites where you can rent equipment and take lessons. The average wind speed is about 50 mph and air currents usually are kept constant throughout the day proximally from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Parachuting: usually this sport needs the help of planes or light aircraft in order to have high elevation. You will be able to take a tandem jump with the instructor during the travel. An ideal place is Manuel Antonio, a natural paradise in which you can see from a spectacular panorama.
  • Hiking: the hiking trails are found in almost all parks and recreation areas in the country. This tour combines sport and tourism, also is the best way to learn about the landscape, vegetation and wildlife of Costa Rica.

What are you waiting for? The best Costa Rica vacations are its wonderful parks which allow you to enjoy an extreme experience!!

What you think about our Top 8 Best adventure activities in Costa Rica ? What would you add to this list??

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