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3 Costa Rica’s Natural Biodiversity Spectacle to visit on vacations 2016

Costa Rica National Parks

Vacation season is coming and the Costa Rica’s Natural Biodiversity Spectacle is waiting for you. So, if you want to discover the wonderful Biodiversity that this exotic country has, it is necessary to know the most striking places to enjoy all this natural treasure that Costa Rica offers to visitors. For that reason this post is focused in stunning zones that content Waterfalls, Parks and Beaches (especially in Guanacaste) in order that you live a unique experience in you next vacation.

Costa Rica’s Natural Biodiversity Spectacle offers Waterfalls, Parks and Beaches

Know the most incredible tourist marvels that Costa Rica has for you, these places are a paradise in a small country.

zip line costa ricaLa Fortuna Waterfall: it is Located in the area near the Arenal Volcano National Park, 5.5 kilometers from La Fortuna de San Carlos, near the same time of Cerro Chato. There, you can enjoy a wonderful fall of crystal water with seventy meters high, characterized by a rainy tropical climate. It has a vast scenic beauty, surrounded by lush vegetation, and a variety of flora and fauna. The cataract is produced by the waters of the Rio Fortuna and the affluent located in the mountains of the area.

Diriá National Park: this park is located in the province of Guanacaste, in the southern part of Santa Cruz specifically in the community of Arado. It has an area of 28 km², and it is the largest wilderness area with state extension within the Conservation Area Tempisque. In this conservation area, dry and humid tropical forests are protected, they are in the higher elevations located near the central mountainous areas of the Nicoya Peninsula.

On the other hand, Guanacaste is famous for its spectacular beaches on the Pacific coast with over 200 km long. The beaches of Guanacaste are blessed by good weather and clear waters. Fishing, swimming, diving, surfing or just sunbathing are some of the things that tourists can do line costa rica

Visitors can also enjoy delicious seafood collected by local fishermen and enjoy a dinner under the stars, or just lunch with a comforting breeze sky.

Guanacaste beaches are ideal for surfing; moreover, the province is one of the five best-known spots in the world for this sport. The sea fishing is also excellent as they are performed annually championships in this discipline. Most Guanacaste beaches have white sands and dense vegetation. Also, some of these beaches are ancestral places where turtles lay their eggs.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to this country and enjoy Costa Rica’s Natural Biodiversity Spectacle.

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