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Costa Rica Adventure Tourism and Extreme Activities

Explore Costa Rica’s Greatest Adventures and Extreme Activities!

One of the best countries in the world for practicing Extreme adventure tourism is Costa Rica. After all, it is practically the country that invented ecologic tourism (which goes side by side with “adventure tourism”). The biodiversity, landscapes, microclimates, beaches, rainforests, wildlife, fauna and more, all combine in perfect harmony within the borders of this beautiful land.

Guanacaste is considered one of the most perfect places to surf in Central America. In Guanacaste you can find the only pink sand beach of the country. And you get 2 km of it. But if you don’t think surfing is adventurous enough, you could try one of the many highly bold activities our country has to offer. Extreme Adventure tourism in Costa Rica means lots of fun new experiences, and different kinds of activities. Rainforest zip line tours, bungee jumping, rafting through class three, four or five rivers, backpacking (aka trekking). You can even visit the magnificent volcanoes! The possibilities are almost endless and once you arrive here you’ll wish to stay as long as possible, just to try at least half of the activities.

Extreme Adventure tourismThe best of Extreme adventure tourism: zip-line.

Zip-line is a pulley suspended on a cable made of stainless steel and mounted on a slope. The idea is to harness someone to a cable and make him descend non-stop because of the gravity from a platform to the other. These platforms are built in rainforests trees and are very popular in Costa Rica. Actually, the name “canopy tours” is a trading mark and its original location was in this astonishing country.

However, the amazing experience doesn’t even begin with the adrenaline rush you’ll get from this ride. Normally, canopy tours include a jeep or hiking tour where a guide explains interesting facts about wildlife and flora. So you’ll feel even more connected to the full experience of being in this tropical paradise.

You might think “Wow, these zip-lines sure seem amazing. But are they really safe for the environment?”. And the answer is absolutely yes. By visiting rainforests this way and not simply building accommodation zones, we diminish the environmental impact that we, human beings, have in this natural sanctuaries. Indeed, Costa Rica has over 50 wildlife refuges, 30 national parks, 10 forest reserves and 8 biological reserves.

You should know that almost 25% of Costa Rica’s territory consists on the national parks system. So, yes! We, Ticos (nickname for Costa Rican people) are very concerned about the environment and how human activities can damage it. And as long as you don’t pollute while you’re in our precious rainforest, you won’t have to worry about not taking care of mother earth!

Another good thing of zip line tours is that there are always alternatives for the less intrepid. We already talked about the part where you get to know the indigenous wildlife and flora (which makes these tours pay for themselves already). If you’re one of these less bold people, but still want to have some fun in the rainforest and get some of the adrenaline, walks through suspended bridges are offered in most cases.

Rafting, an unbelievable and bold activity

Extreme Adventure tourism

Rafting is another one of the popular activities to do in Costa Rica. Using an inflatable raft, you’ll navigate a river at your best ability. This is a challenging adventure that requires teamwork, what would make it the perfect bonding activity for you and your companions. In Costa Rica you’ll find a variety of rivers to your rafting experience.

According to the International Scale of River Difficulty, most rivers in Costa Rica can be classified as Class 3 (“Whitewater, small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. May require significant maneuvering”) during the year. Contrary to simple Class 1 and 2 rivers, where you just need little to zero paddling skills, Class 3 Rivers contain the right amount of danger, and require a little bit more of maneuvering skills.

This, of course, still in a relatively safe environment, that will still get you that adrenaline rush you’re looking for. Even more, in Costa Rica there are Class 1 and 2 rivers, too. Just in case you want a safer option. But, if you want more adventure and danger, you’ll want to try Class 4 and 5 rivers, which also exist in this fascinating country.

Costa Rica has options for every kind of tourist out there. If you love nature, you can enjoy most of the amenities our country has to offer. From a simple stroll in the beach, or just some relaxing sun bathing, to spend some peaceful time in one of our reserves. If you also love adventure you can enjoy all of the activities we have listed. After all, even for tourist who only wants to have a bite of these extreme experiences, Costa Rica has great options.

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