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Costa Rica Animal Sanctuary – Ideas for Best Vacations

Best Costa Rica vacations

If you want to enjoy the Best Costa Rica vacations you have to visit the Costa Rica Animal Sanctuary in Guanacaste by Diamante Eco Adventure Park in partnership with La Paz Waterfall Gardens. There, you will find the most amazing and exotic biodiversity of Costa Rica. So, if you want to know more about the flora and fauna of this country stay with us and discover the most amazing species that houses this beautiful territory.

Costa Rica Animal Sanctuaries: Discovering the flora and fauna

Costa Rica Animal Sanctuary - Ideas for Best Vacations in Guanacaste

Costa Rica is an exceptional country, an extraordinary refuge of life, and full of natural surprises, in whose territory of 51. 100 km, which represents 0.03 percent of the planet’s surface, is approximately 5 percent of biodiversity world. Plant formations vary according to soil altitude.

In this sense, it is possible to distinguish the tropical forest, in the northeast and south coast where the rains are more abundant, presenting a vegetation of large trees.

Above sea level, vegetation is characteristic of the humid tropical forest, whereas the dry one is predominant in the Central Plateau where fewer trees grow and grasses and herbaceous plants proliferate.

The savannah is located in Potrero Grande and in some areas of Guanacaste. In the higher regions, mixed tropical forest predominates. With regard to the Costa Rican fauna, it can be said that it belongs exclusively to the geographic area called neotropical which includes South America, Central America, part of Mexico and the Antilles.

Costa Rica Animal Sanctuary - Ideas for Best Vacations in GuanacasteThe species that live in Costa Rica are extraordinarily numerous and diverse, depending on the area you have the possibility of observing, Quetzals, 5 or 6 species of Toucans, Dantas, Deer, Hormigueros, Lazy, Monkeys, Pizotes, Otters, Foxes, Jaguars , Ocelots and Pumas among many other animals.

In addition, to the aforementioned species, wilderness areas host about 13,000 plant species, more than 2,000 daytime butterfly species, 4,500 nocturnal species, 163 amphibians, 220 reptiles, 1,600 freshwater and saltwater fish, and 850 species of birds.

Costa Rica also houses insects of all kinds from the most common to gigantic beautiful beetles, thousands of butterflies and many new species.

Costa Rica Animal Sanctuary - Ideas for Best Vacations in Guanacaste

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Even the sea life is very active, easily sighted whales, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, sharks and sinking the show is endless, especially near the “Coco Beach“.

For nature lovers who want to enjoy¬†best Costa Rica vacations, Costa Rica is a must-see because in only 51,000 square kilometers can be found 5% of the world’s animal species and Costa Rica is the first country in Latin America that has banned hunting sports since several years.

So, come to Diamante Eco Adventure Park and visit the Animal Sanctuary, for more contact us!!

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