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Costa Rica zip line and canopy tours to fly through the trees

Costa Rica Zip Line and Canopy Tours

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in which you will find many kind of adventures and activities like Canopy tours and Zip lining. Especially with Costa Rica Zip Lining, these activities are the most famous in the region and between tourists; for that reason, on this occasion, we will talk about these great sports that you can do thanks to Diamante Eco Adventure Park, offering the best canopy tours within the most remote and adventurous places.

Costa Rica Zip Line Canopy Tours – The Best Option to Explore the Heights!

As one of the best complementary activity, Diamante Eco Adventure Park has Zip Lining in Costa Rica which allow the adventurer to stay in the heights one or more hours. In addition, if you wish, you can walk around, before doing the canopy, which in fact constitutes an unforgettable, fun and maximum safety.Costa Rica Zip Line and Canopy Tours

This experience is ideal for all ages, from small children to adults, as well as for all those who love nature, particularly bird watchers who will enjoy the lush vegetation.

This service is ideal for tourists who want to do a 1/2 day activity or complement it with activities in the area (Kayaking, Hiking, Animal Sanctuary, Horseback rinding, and more)

Superman Zipline – The Longest Zip Line in the region

In this ziplining activity, we glide at about 50 kilometers per hour on steel cables extending over 180 meters (one going and one back) and 4500 feet above the ocean, which makes this particular zip line one of the Longest and most exciting Costa Rica Zip Lines.Costa Rica Zip Line and Canopy Tours

Like all our adventure activities, it was carefully designed and built and is operated by professional guides, trained to deliver total safety. Without a doubt, this is an exciting experience which takes place in a majestic natural setting.

Difference between canopy and zip line

A zip line is a line which can be rope or cable, between two points, where one advances through a pulley. It can be small, 10 meters, or very large, up to 2 kilometers.  In contrast, Canopy is a circuit which includes two or more ziplines and can also add various games, such as hanging bridges, scaling walls and various games in height.

Admire the flora of this beautiful natural paradise, cross a suspension bridge and take advantage of the view of some of the landscapes that this paradise offers to you. Take care! All equipment is constantly renewed to guarantee your safety. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Costa Rica and enjoy  the most exciting adventure of your life!!

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