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The Best National Parks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica National Parks

Experience The Best National Parks Costa Rica Has To Offer!

When you visit such a beautiful country, you need to go to the Costa Rica National Parks to enjoy of their nature and beauty. For being one of the most varied countries regarding landscapes, Costa Rica can offer you great vacations for relaxing and having adventures.

One of the best Costa Rica vacations you can have is scheduling different tours through its several national parks. Costa Rica is a country that has great policies in environmental conservation. It has protected cloud, rain and dry forest and also wet lands and marine areas.

Best National Parks in Costa Rica (2019) | Adventure BlogCosta Rica National Parks

If you want to enjoy of some adventure parks, you can visit those with volcanos. Among the Costa Rica National Parks, you will find interesting places such as the Arenal Volcano National Park, which is the most active volcano of the country. You do not need to worry about this, since its last eruption was in 1968. There you can hike and enjoy the incredible views and its amazing wild life.Best National Parks in Costa Rica

It is also the Poas Volcano National Park. This place is considered the most incredible one in the whole country; it is also one of the most active volcanos of Costa Rica. This park has small wild life yet it is full of vegetation. The Irazu Volcano National Park is other of the places to visit since it is the tallest volcano in the country.

The fun fact about this volcano is that its last eruption in 1963 was in the very same day that the former president John F. Kennedy visited Costa Rica. So, it seems like the volcano Welcomed the president too, without a doub a great place to meet.

Other National Parks

Costa Rica National Parks

If you want to see more closely all the fauna of Costa Rica, come to our Animal Sanctuary !!

On the other side of the adventure parks, you will find also some other interesting places to visit. There is the Barra Honda National Park that is a great place to visit for those interested in the ecotourism in Costa Rica. It is a dry forest with great hiking trails to visit.

For making of this the best Costa Rica vacations, you will be able –if you have the proper equipment- to stay. There are camping areas situated there with bathrooms and showers also available there. If you want to go further in the Costa Rica National Parks, you can visit the Corcovado National Park.

This place is one of the remotest parks in Costa Rica and one of the most breathtaking. It is also the habitat of many endangered species.

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