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Exploring Costa Rica National Parks: In Pursuit of adventure

Costa Rica National Parks: Adventure, Glory, and More!

Costa Rica is a country for travelers who like to experiment new things; for that reason, they choose Costa Rica National Parks. Therefore, there are many exciting ways to immerse with the natural elements; most visitors enjoy an active vacation that creates unforgettable and breathtaking memories.

In this beautiful country you can discover fascinating species with a friendly Costa Rican tour guide; taking a canopy tour through the rainforest or relaxing in the hot springs of the volcano.

Costa Rica National Parks are the best places for the adventure

Across the country, there are a variety of tours and activities for all types of people. Unlike other tourist destinations, Costa Rica is a complete place for exploring ecosystems and connecting with a peaceful culture.

Costa Rica National ParksCosta Rica Zipline: Feeling that you are flying through the treetops is the sensation you have when practicing zip line. This tour consists of sliding on a wire between the trees. The best place to carry out this activity is Diamante Eco Adventure Park, with the longest ocean view zipline, other places to do it are Monteverde, La Fortuna or Rincón de la Vieja.

Excursions in the forests of Costa Rica: Hiking is very popular in Costa Rica. A point in favor of this adventure activity is that it can be adapted to all types of travelers from light and short walks to hard walks during several days.

Costa Rica National ParksThe Costa Rica National Parks and protected reserves have trails suitable for hiking. During the walks is quite common the observation of flora and fauna; you can also visit our spectacular Botanical Garden and Animal Sanctuary (the largest in Guanacaste) with many species of flora and fauna.

Some of the most common National Park for hiking  are Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano National Park, Corcovado National Park, Private Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde, La Marta Private Reserve.

Kayaking: this is an adventure activity that requires piloting a personal boat across the surface of the water. It is not necessary to have the experience to enjoy this sport since tourists can easily learn how to maneuver their kayak.

In addition, kayaking is easy to practice in a river or in the sea; however, the river has very strong currents that can hinder the course. The only material needed to operate a kayak is rowing and kayaking, making this activity something exciting, cheap and accessible for all types of visitors. Want to try kayaking? Contact us here.Costa Rica National Parks

But these are not the only activities Costa Rica can offer; there are much more that you can find in Costa Rica National Parks. We offer great tours thanks to our amazing team which works so hard to give you the best experience of your life. Come with us and discover the most amazing things of this wonderful land.

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