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What is the Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica?

Adventure Park Costa Rica

Diamante Eco Adventure Park – An Introduction

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica, more than a place, is an experience. This park, a paradise in the beautiful Central American country that is specifically located in the Guanacaste Province is a magical attraction that combines adrenaline with the beauty of nature. If you plan on going to Costa Rica for vacation, choosing this park is a decision you will not regret.

This attraction combines a series of activities that help you enjoy the particular nature of the zone at the same time that you are experiencing things you might not be able to do—not in the same way, anyways—somewhere else. When you go to Costa Rica, you can go to the beach, visit National Parks and practice a variety of sports, but you do not want to miss visiting this wonderful place.Adventure Park Costa Rica

The majestic Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica is not just fun rides and nice nature, every single attraction in the park has been thoroughly built and thought out to combine innovation, entertainment, safety and above all, take advantage of the marvels that make it successful: the nature factor. All the activities take profit from the overwhelming and delighting landscapes.

What can you do in the Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica?

The most recognized attraction of the park is the zip line. The park has been recognized around the world for having a zip line that ranks in the top 5 of the world and that offers a view of the ocean, the tree tops and is nothing but fun and adventure with safety. In this park, you can also go on ATV tours, visit the animal sanctuary and go on hikes that you will let you experience the wonderful fauna of the region.

Where can you stay when going to the park?

The best option due to closeness and comfort is probably the Hotel Riu Guanacaste. Including luxurious rooms, wonderful rooms, food, and even tour services, Hotel Riu Guanacaste will take care of you the way you expect and deserve.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica

We have hanging bridges over crocodiles !!

Take a chance and discover this wonderful park. This paradise that has been designed for you to appreciate nature from a different point of view will take you through the air on fast rides or aerial strolls over the bridges that hang from the treetops, it will introduce you to the marvelous fauna of sanctuary, and it will amaze you with the beauty of the landscapes. You cannot miss visiting the Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica!

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