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Tours from Costa Rica you can´t even compare: Zip line tours

Zip line tours

Some attractions are interesting, fun, or relaxing; but not necessarily unique as the: Zip line tours are. Visiting the amazing Costa Rica is not all about relaxation and nature; it includes excitement, adrenaline, and activities you will not be able to do in another place. Costa Rica has that “pura vida” magic that characterizes its people and the activities you can do there are very original as well.

The Zip line tours: a Unique Attraction in a Central American Paradise

The Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers its visitors an experience they will never forget. Over a jungle of trees with the richest fauna and admiring the longest view of the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy this fun activity that will take your breath away when you admire the beauty of the landscapes and you will be filled with adrenaline and joy. The Zip line tours are outstanding!

Zip line tours

We mentioned that you can go over crocodiles !!!

Besides these tours, there are other very interesting attractions in this park, as well as outside the park in Costa Rica. The Canopy tours are a great example of it. The aerial trails and adventures of these Canopy tours will make you drop your jaws with the fauna you will be able to appreciate and the fun you will have in those majestic jungles of Costa Rica.

Apart from these activities in the forests, there are also other activities that you can do at the beach such as the Costa Rica Surf. This sport is practiced in many of the beaches of Costa Rica in which the conditions for this discipline are favorable. Costa Rica has even hosted international championships and its athletes have earned gold medals in such type of competitions many times.Zip line tours

When people think about Costa Rica, the first think that many think about is its National Parks. Nevertheless, Costa Rica is also the home of extreme sports and adventure. Some activities such as the Costa Rica Surf are already known worldwide, but there are others like the canopy tours that still have to gain popularity.

It is true that you can gaze upon species you had never seen before, see vegetation that takes your breath away, but if your interest is to have a little more adventure, you have plenty of options. The Zip line tours are a perfect example of something you will not be able to repeat, no other tour can be compared to this wonderful experience.