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Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica: A Good Time, No Less!

Adventure Park Costa Rica

Diamante Eco Adventure Park – A Visitor’s Guide

Visiting the Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica is ensuring an experience that you will never forget. Some travelers enjoy going on their trips without further planning, they rather enjoy adventure, deciding on what to do next as the go, unlike others who prefer planning everything in advance. Other travelers may have a little of both, a need for adventure with a bit of organization.

If what you like is planning your trip in advance and knowing what type of activities you will be enjoying but you long for adventure, this is the place for you. Though there are many attractions, if you are wondering what to do and where to stay in Costa Rica for Adventure, think no more. This region and this park will provide you with an unforgettable experience!Adventure Park Costa Rica - Diamante Eco Adventure Park

When you go to this Adventure Park Costa Rica, you have good options regarding accommodation services. If you are wondering where to stay in Costa Rica for Adventure, this Province—Province of Guanacaste—has, among other options, the option of the Hotel Riu Guanacaste that will guarantee luxury, comfort and even offer more entertaining activities for you to enjoy during your stay in this paradise.

What is the Most Popular Attraction of the Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica?

The most popular attraction of the park is probably the zip line. Featuring Central America’s longest zip line, this experience has been ranked in the top 5 worldwide and it is an experience that includes a lot of adrenaline, a hypnotizing view that lets the customer see the ocean, pass over beautiful forests and above all, have lots of fun.

However, this is not the only activity you can do in this park. There are various options, one of them is going on horseback rides; the nature of the routes is unbelievable. Other activities include passing through animal an animal sanctuary in which the visitors will be able to see from a small distance or even interact with animal species as you had probably never imagined.Adventure Park Costa Rica - Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Another activity offered is the ATV tours, in which you will definitely enjoy a ride through nature at another level; fun is more than guaranteed for you and your family, friends or couple. So do not waste any more time, if you are looking for fun and great vacations, you know where to go. The Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica is the place to go! For more just leave us a message!

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