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Costa Rica Zip Line Adventures

Diamante Animal Sanctuary Costa Rica

Learn About the Most Popular Costa Rica Ziplining Adventure Tours

The best place to enjoy Zipline adventures is Costa Rica. This is also the best country in the world to explore eco-tourism. Costa Rica has among its landscapes, beautiful and different forests where you can enjoy a great variety of plants and animal species.

Eco-tourismCosta Rica Zipline Adventures and Tours is one of the newest trends in the touristic world and Costa Rica has taken advantage of its nature and beauty to exploit these activities and at the same time, help to create consciousness about the importance of maintaining the different natural environments and preserve nature.

Costa Rica Zipline Adventure tours

One of the funniest Zipline Adventures you will find in Costa Rica is the Adventure Pass tour with a lot of activities to do, like: Fly in the longest ocean view zipline, Superman Quick Jump  and Hanging Bridge over Crocodiles.

Visit the beautiful Animal Sanctuary and appreciate Sloths, Monkeys, Pumas, Jaguars, Toucans and more. Diamante has dozens of species of frogs, snakes, birds and a world-class butterfly observatory.Costa Rica Zipline Adventures

Also you can have Ocean Adventures in Snorkeling, Kayaking or Stand up Paddle or if you need a relax time: take a nap in our Hammock Beach or do Hiking Trails where you can appreciate the beauty around it.

The best ziplining routes you will find in Diamante Eco Adventure Park will show you the entireness of the forest from the top of the trees. If you want, you could also make the tour through the hanging bridges over Crocodiles. But what would a zipline tour without ziplining?

Some Other Costa Rica Ziplining Tours

There is an amazing tour called “Buena Vista Adventure” in which you will be able to visit the jungle. This tour lasts 9 hours, it starts at 7:00 am and you will need to get even a swimsuit. This one has up to 11 platforms of zip lines and some of them go across rivers.

Costa Rica Zipline Adventures“San José and Limon” is another tour you could take to enjoy from the best ziplining tracks of Costa Rica. This one takes you through 10 cables and 14 platforms. You will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this rain forest and fall in love with Costa Rica at the same time.

Monteverde is another beautiful option to complete your Zipline tour, this is one of the longest one in Costa Rica and this is the only one that actually goes through a virgin forest. It has 15 cables and up to 18 platforms.

Beside of the fun you can have with the Zipline Adventures that Costa Rica offers, you could get to know beautiful places and be part of the magical experience that it is to fly above forests. Visit us to be part of the wonderful experience of getting to know one of the most important countries in the eco-tourism field.

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