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Costa Rica Extreme Adventures & Activities – Enjoy The Adrenaline!

Costa Rica extreme activities

Costa Rica Extreme Adventure … of a Lifetime!

The best way to experiment adrenaline is practicing Costa Rica extreme adventure activities. The varied environments of Costa Rica allow finding many tours focused on the beauty of each area.

Thank you Diamante Eco Adventure Park!!

Good afternoon Yanyn & team

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you for generosity, hosting and donating Gabriela and her family for their zip lining experience and spending the day at the Diamante Adventure Park in Costa Rica.  We couldn’t have made Gabbie’s wish so magical without your amazing support and going above and beyond to welcome Gabriela and family to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Activities: Discover the best top 5

Costa Rica Activities

On this opportunity, we talk about the top 5 of the most amazing Costa Rica Activities. Have you ever wondered what you can do in Costa Rica? The famous Zip Line Canopy Tours will help you get the vacation of your dreams. Costa Rica is a small country but the activities have no end. You start with Canopy tours, walks through the rain forests and end with one of the many water activities such as surfing and sports fishing.

3 Extreme Costa Rica Activities and feel the Adrenaline

Costa Rica Activities

There are many things to do in a tropical country but if you love extreme sports you have to know the Costa Rica Activities that Diamante Eco Adventure Park has for you. We offer the most varied tours for all tastes and the best market prices. But before to talk about some extreme activities, we tell you about the beauties Costa Rica has for you.

Costa Rica Zip Line Adventures

Diamante Animal Sanctuary Costa Rica

Learn About the Most Popular Costa Rica Ziplining Adventure Tours

The best place to enjoy Zipline adventures is Costa Rica. This is also the best country in the world to explore eco-tourism. Costa Rica has among its landscapes, beautiful and different forests where you can enjoy a great variety of plants and animal species.

Exploring Costa Rica National Parks: In Pursuit of adventure

Costa Rica National Parks: Adventure, Glory, and More!

Costa Rica is a country for travelers who like to experiment new things; for that reason, they choose Costa Rica National Parks. Therefore, there are many exciting ways to immerse with the natural elements; most visitors enjoy an active vacation that creates unforgettable and breathtaking memories.

Wondering Where to stay in Costa Rica for adventure?

Where to stay in Costa Rica for adventure

Do you want to visit Costa Rica but are you still wondering where to stay in Costa Rica for adventure? Whether you are actually looking for adventure or not, you cannot deny the incredible things there are to do in Costa Rica. The whole country is completely adventure friendly and you will find a lot of fun wherever you go.

Costa Rica Activities: Best Way to Vacation!

Zipline Adventures

Costa Rica is known for being one of the best tropical countries to practice sports and look for the adventure; for that reason, we offer an amazing selection of Costa Rica activities for all our customers. It is incredible the amount of things you can do there, you just have to prepare for the adventure and spending the best vacations in this paradise lost.

Costa Rica Adventure Tourism and Extreme Activities

Explore Costa Rica’s Greatest Adventures and Extreme Activities!

One of the best countries in the world for practicing Extreme adventure tourism is Costa Rica. After all, it is practically the country that invented ecologic tourism (which goes side by side with “adventure tourism”). The biodiversity, landscapes, microclimates, beaches, rainforests, wildlife, fauna and more, all combine in perfect harmony within the borders of this beautiful land.

Top 8 Best adventure activities in Costa Rica

adventure activities

If you want to know the Best Adventure Activities, there is no better place for you than Costa Rica. Imagine that feeling of pure adrenaline while you’re in the air, water or land; surrounded by lush nature and amazing landscapes. The best Costa Rica vacation is its wonderful nature which allows you to live a unique experience and also the opportunity to practice extreme sports throughout the year.